Marie-Louise Collins

I fell in love with photography in my early teens, seduced by the beauty of the medium and endless creative possibilities it offers. I studied sciences at UBC and have a thorough grounding in medical imaging, but the joy and fulfillment I receive from documenting those most special moments on a wedding day compares to nothing else.

I love the mountains - even more so when they meet the ocean. I have a strong attraction to nature and gardens; probably because my mom has not one, but two green thumbs – our house is never short of flowers. I’m addicted to coffee and love the way everyone is happy to come together over a cup of joe. I’m energized after a good 5k run in the morning and happy to take on the Grouse Grind with anyone. But my heart could not be calmer when seeing sunshine through the trees, and the gradient of hues across the sky as the sun sets in the distance.

Do you have adventurous souls? Are you travel seekers who want to stand in the ocean, enwrapped by waves as you hold your lover close, or muddy your boots as you hike to that perfect view for your engagement session? The kind of couple who want to sneak away to steal a moment of time as golden hour rays of light warm your embrace?

Share your vision with me and together we will capture your unique and everlasting love.
      Faites tout avec amour...
               Do everything with love..